Sunday, June 28, 2009

'Dr Who' co-star hid news of role from family

[Source:Ireland Online]

Karen Gillan didn’t tell her family she had landed a role in 'Doctor Who'.

The actress – who will be companion to new Time Lord Matt Smith – said her mum is such a big fan of the cult sci-fi show she was worried she may leak the good news.

Karen said: “I told my boyfriend first. I wanted to tell my parents but I thought it wasn’t a good idea as my mum was a huge fan.

“I didn’t want to drop that bomb on her when she’d have to keep it secret. So I waited until it was publicly announced to go up to Inverness and tell her.”

The 21-year-old beauty said she can’t wait to begin filming and relishes the chance to get involved in the action.

She added: “I would like to do some of my own stunts. That would be fun.”

Asked where she would go if she had a time-travelling Tardis in real life, Karen told 'Doctor Who Adventures' magazine: “I’d go to see how the Earth was created in the Big Bang. It fascinates me. I want to know why we’re here.”


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