Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lily Allen wants 'Doctor Who' role

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Lily Allen wants to become Doctor Who's assistant.

The 'Not Fair' singer thinks she'd be ideal to assume the role when Matt Smith takes on the role of the Doctor in the eponymous BBC drama next year.

Lily said she thinks she can bring an "edge" to the part and would be a perfect fit as at 24, Matt is only two years older than her.

Lily told Britain's New Magazine: "Oh yeah, I have my eye on that project. I'm a massive fan of 'Doctor Who', and me and Matt are in the same age bracket, so it would look far better if they had someone like me."

Lily is not the only one in line for the part - it has been rumoured former 'EastEnders' actress Michelle Ryan could also take the role of assistant alongside Matt.

Michelle has already appeared alongside the current Doctor - David Tennant - as Lady Christina de Souza in this year's Easter special, but presently it is not known if she will be offered a regular part on the show.

Lily has previously been linked to 'Doctor Who' in 2007, when sources tipped her to emulate former pop star Billie Piper who was a popular assistant to The Doctor.

A source said: "Billie Piper used 'Doctor Who' for her transition from music to acting. We think Lily can emulate that. The great thing about the show is it's good fun but still a cool thing to be involved with. It would be perfect for Lily and she would be perfect for the show."

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