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DW Wrap Party 22/05/09

Radio Doctor Who
well last night was jam packed with the cast and crew all there to greet farewell to RTD and tennant so here's what happened:
Arrived there around 6:50pm although the party didn't start till 7pm:
There were a lot of people there to name a few, the usuals were there Tennant RTD. Jullie Garnder as well the the production team.
I Managed to see Paul Cornell who was instresting to talk to, Ben Cook and Tom pillsbury from DWM were so thats nice. The night was mostly people gathering around David and Russell to greet farewell and say thanks on behalf of the crew.
The party went on the early hrs, there were waitresses going around with champaign and the ordurves. there was a Bar there serving up drinks as well as food which wasn't bad.
I couldn't take any photos as they were prohibited i think they want to relax without all the publicity that follows it. it was calm and relaxed mood throughout the night.
The people who i did manage to have a talk to such as ben cook and tom Spilsbury didn't want to spill the beans on anything thats coming so i just chatted to them for a while although most of them did have a lot to drink
At the end both Russell and David did a farewell speech in front of all the guests congratulating on all the hard work they did and praising the effort on the show. Finally he said can't wait for the new production to start in July so its all exciting to come
i left around 11:30pm by that time the party atmosphere was dying down and most of the guests were drunk or round about that
Nothing new or anything revealing came out of this party as i suspect that people want to relax after all the hard work and the last thing they need is people snooping about.
However i did manage towards the end get a greeting from tennant himself who is very nice and asked if any new projects coming up he said "just have to wait and see".
Asked to paul cornell if he's writing series 5 he had this say "maybe or maybe not just wait"
overall Not bad i would say this is the best party i been to in a long time

Thanks to Thomas for the report.


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