Sunday, May 24, 2009

David Tennant Returns!

BBC Doctor Who
It's his TARDIS. And he's back!
We may have a few months to wait for The Waters of Mars but David Tennant was back in the TARDIS in a special scene that featured in John Barrowman's Tonight's the Night!
The aim of John's BBC One show is 'to make dreams come true' and when long-time Doctor Who fan Tim Ingham won a competition to appear in a scene with Captain Jack, set onboard the TARDIS, he already thought the prize was 'unbelievable'. But things got even better when the Doctor himself - David Tennant - paid a surprise visit to the set and starred in the scene written by Executive Producer, Russell T Davies.
The scene begins with the striking and sinister Sao Til (invented and played by Tim) busying himself at the TARDIS controls. He's got evil intentions written all over his blue face and with the Doctor's time machine in his hands, well, hand, who can stop him? Captain Jack. That's who! The Torchwood toughie confronts the illegal alien and is almost fooled into thinking he's the regenerated Doctor. But realising that the Time Lord would never carry weapons, Jack twigs the figure at the controls is a bad guy and... walks David Tennant! You can see what happens next by visiting our special feature on Tonight's the Night Doctor Who adventure, which also includes an exclusive interview with winner Tim Ingham, a chance to watch the scene again and the behind-the-scenes look at this trip of a lifetime!


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