Friday, September 7, 2012

Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 285

The 285th issue of the weekly Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale until Wednesday, 12th September 2012.

Hooray! Doctor Who is back - and Asylum of the Daleks is the best and scariest episode ever*! We celebrate with a special pull-out guide to the story, cool posters and a really tricky Dalek quiz. Plus we've an amazing preview of the next episode, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. We can't wait!

What's more, our amazing Doctor dress-up set means you can be the top Time Lord. We've also got lots of top tips on how to be the Doctor!

All this plus a terrifying comic strip, the secrets behind giant spider-woman The Empress of the Racnoss and jokes so bad you will have nightmares.

 (Source: Doctor Who Adventures)


The Doctor...

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